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newbb体育官方网站 researchers are scientists and scholars, inventors and conservators, artists and analysts. They know many of the best breakthroughs in knowledge and creativity occur by crossing boundaries.

What sets newbb体育官方网站 apart

Students and faculty collaborate using advanced technology to do leading-edge work in areas ranging from virtual reality to nanofabrication.

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At newbb体育官方网站, music meets lasers

Many of newbb体育官方网站’s research environments are designed to facilitate collaboration and exploration across disciplines.

Close up of optical instrument at University of newbb体育官方网站 Institute of Optics

Optics and laser research

newbb体育官方网站 is a thriving hub for laser technologies, photonics, and optical research. Our Institute of Optics awards almost half of all optics degrees in the US. And, the Laboratory for Laser Energetics is the largest university-based Department of Energy research program. Building on this expertise, a new NSF-funded project will further position the newbb体育官方网站 region as the premier home for laser ecosystems.

Exterior picture of University of newbb体育官方网站 Del Monte Institute for Neuroscience

Del Monte Institute for Neuroscience

Instrumental in bringing together neuroscience and related disciplines—biomedical engineering, brain and cognitive sciences, computer science, and neurology. This multidisciplinary work has made possible critical research into Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, autism, and dyslexia.

Del Monte Institute for Neuroscience
Presenter behind podium in front of projector screen at University of newbb体育官方网站 Humanities Center

The Humanities Center

An intellectual home base for students, faculty, researchers, artists, and the public. Research projects affect fields beyond the humanities, including medicine, business, science, and engineering.

The Humanities Center
Elementary students at desks raising hands at University of newbb体育官方网站 Mt. Hope Family Center

Mt. Hope Family Center

Leading experts provide evidence-based intervention and prevention services to over 900 at-risk children and families annually.

Mt. Hope Family Center
Voilin performers at music stands at University of newbb体育官方网站 Eastman School of Music Institute for Music Leadership

Institute for Music Leadership

Developing creative and effective leaders for today’s musical world.

Institute for Music Leadership

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